Next TV Summit & Expo NY @ NYC Television Week 2015
The Park Central Hotel
870 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Oct. 21, 2015, 8:00am-6:00pm


7:30 am Registration Opens


8:00-8:55 am Networking Breakfast


8:55 am Opening Remarks/Emcee Introduction by Louis Hillelson, VP/Group Publisher Multichannel News, Broadcasting & Cable, Next TV, Ratings Intelligence


9:00-9:05 am Table Intros Led by Event Emcee TBA


9:05-9:35 am Opening Session: Keynote Q&A


9:35-10:15 am Panel – TV and Venture Capital: Investing in Innovation
To speed up the pace of innovation in the TV industry and to encourage start-ups to develop technologies for media companies, major TV companies have been increasingly providing venture capital and working closely with VC firms and entrepreneurs to develop new technologies. This panel of venture capitalists, start-up and tech executives will explore the process and some of the opportunities it is opening up for both traditional media and Silicon Valley.


10:15-10:35 Networking Break In Exhibit Showcase Area


10:35 Raffle/Giveaway


10:35-11:10 Case Study


11:10-11:50 Panel Discussion – OTT = Opportunity to Thrive

As consumers’ viewing habits–and OTT offerings designed to reach those viewers–evolve, confusion about the right strategies in this new world order naturally is growing too. From white-label technology to leveraging library content and branding in today’s OTT environment, this panel of experts identifies where the best opportunities are, how to thrive amid the change and how to adapt quickly when the strategies you picked don’t work anymore.


11:50-12:20 Keynote Q&A


12:20-12:50 Over the Top-ics @ Next TV

From the latest in streaming, digital rights management, audience feedback, program recommendations, metrics and measurement, the state of social, what we can learn from our kids’ viewing habits, OTT programming models and more, Next TV will dive deep into the hottest discussion topics around the future of TV with these guided and focused roundtable discussions. Every table in the ballroom will have a themed discussion led by an industry figure, and every attendee will have a choice of which “Over the Top-ic” discussion to join. Info on how to sign up TBA.


12:50-2:00 Networking Lunch


2:00 Raffle/Giveaway


2:00-2:30 pm Keynote Q&A


2:30-3:10 pm Panel Discussion — The New Studios

As the video ecosystem has evolved, so have the media companies supplying much of the content. A look at how the newest media companies continue to evolve from their roots as aggregators of online content to full-service media studios setting the stage for the next generation of content.


3:10-3:45 pm Case Study


3:45-4:05pm Networking Break In Exhibit Showcase Area


4:05pm Raffle/Giveaway


4:05-4:45pm Panel Discussion: Transforming TV
From interactivity, personalization, customized promotion and advanced advertising capabilities, new enhancements are constantly being added to the video equation. Our panel will demo and discuss some of the latest innovations in video creation, distribution, promotion and viewership and their potential to transform TV’s business models. They’ll contemplate how quickly consumers are adopting new habits, how important it is to engage audiences with new capabilities and how to grow the business no matter how, where and what viewers are watching.


4:45-5:20 Case Study


5:20pm-6 pm Closing Session: Keynote Q&A


6-7:30 pm NYC Television Week Networking Cocktail Reception